Papers 1997


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Distribution functions for 2H nuclear magnetic resonance band shapes for polymerized  surfactant molecules forming triply periodic surfaces.
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Fluctuating Euler  charakteristics, topological disorder line, and  passages in the lamellar phase.
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Confinemet induced topological fluctuations in a system with internal surfaces.
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A thermodynamic approach to the anchoring phenomenon in the nematic liquid crystal-substrate system.
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Statistical mechanics of a fluid in contact with a curved wall.
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Steele (10-4-3) potential due to a solid wall.
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Total and direct correlations in the liquid-vapor interface and the capillary-wave theory.
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11 Warowny W.
Wyznaczenie  współczynnika  ściśliwości gazów i ich mieszanin w rurce o stałej średnicy wewnętrznej.
Gaz, Woda, Technika sanitarna  71,  173-177  (1997)
12 Wieczorek S.A.
Thermodynamics of aqueous mixtures of polyoxyethene glycol monoethers. IV. Excess molar volumes of (n-octyl tetraoxyethene glycol monoether + water) in the vicinity of the critical micelle composition.
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