Papers 1999


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Energy landscapes, supergraphs, and “folding funnels” in spin systems.
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Shapes and shape transformations of two-component membranes of complex topology.
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Diffusion on curved, periodic surfaces.
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Crossover  between ordinary and normal transitions in two dimensional critical Ising films.
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Effects of confinement on critical adsorption: absence of critical depletion for fluids in slit pores.

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Thinning transitions in free-standing liquid-crystal films as the successive formation of dislocation loops.
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Landau theory of social clustering.
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Ternary surfactant mixtures in semi-infinite geometry.
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Lattice model results for lamellar phases in slits.
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17 Wieczorek S.A.
Thermodynamics of aqueous mixtures of polyoxyethene glycol monorthers. V. Excesses molar volumes of (n-decyl hexaoxyethene glycol monoether + water)  in the vivinity of the critical micelle compositions.
J.Chem.Thermodyn.  31,  661-673  (1999).
18 Żywociński A.
Volumetric study of the nematic-smectic-Ad-reentrant nematic phase transitions In the 8OCB+60CB mixture.
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