Papers 2004


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Landau functional for confined amphiphilic systems.
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Minimization of the Renyi entropy production in the stationary states of the Brownian process with matched death and birth rates.
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Percolation-to-droplets transition during spinodal decomposition in polymer blends, morphology analysis.
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Liquids with internal surfaces at and out of equilibrium: the homogeneity index.
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Absorption of mercury in gold films and its further desorption: quantitative morphological study of the surface patterns.
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11 Fia趾owski M., Ho造st R.
The unphysical pinning of the domain growth during the separation of homopolymer blends near the spinodal.
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12 Fia趾owski M., Nowakowski R., Ho造st R.
Morphological study of the formation of PdHx on thin palladium films.
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Observation of negative line tensions from Plateau borders regions in dry foam films.
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15 G騧d W.T.
Spontaneous curvature induced shape transformations of tubular polymersomes.
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Solvation force for long-ranged wall-fluid potentials.
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Phase diagram of a model for 3He-4He mixtures in three dimensions.
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