Papers 2007


1 Hołyst R.
Miekka Materia
Fizyka w szkole nr 2, 2007, 4-9
2 Kowalczyk P.,Brualla L., Żywociński A., Bhatia S.K.
Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Efficient Nanomaterials for Separation and On-Board Vehicle Storage of Hydrogen and Methane Mixture at Room Temperature?
J.Phys.Chem.C 111, 2007, 5250-5257
3 Kowalczyk P., Hołyst R., Terrones M.,Terrones B.
Hydrogen storage in nanoporous carbon materials: myth and facts.
Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. 9, 2007, 1786-1792
4 Kowalczyk P., Gauden P.A,. Terzyk A.P., Bhatia S.K.
Thermodynamics of Hydrogen Adsorption in Slit-like Carbon Nanopores at 77 K. Classical versus Path-Integral Monte Carlo Simulations.
Langmuir 23, 2007, 3666-3672
5 Góźdź W.T.
Deformations of Lipid Vesicles Induced by Attached Spherical Particles.
Langmuir 23, 2007, 5665-5669
6 Szymański J., Poboży E., Trojanowicz M., Wilk A., Garstecki P., Hołyst R.
Net Charge and Electrophoretic Mobility of Lysozyme Charge Ladders in Solutions of Nonionic Surfactant.
J.Phys.Chem. B 111, 2007, 5503-5510
7 Fuerstman M.J., Garstecki P., Whitesides G.M.
Coding/Decoding and Reversibility of Droplet Trains in Microfluidic Networks.
Science 315, Science 828-832
8 Patsahan O., Ciach A.
Correlation functions in an ionic liquid at coexistence with an ionic crystal: results of the Brazovskii-type field theory.
J.Phys.:Condens Matter 19, 2007, 236203(1-20)
9 Ciach A., Góźdż W.T., Stell G.
Field theory for size- and charge-asymmetric primi-tive model of ionic systems:Mean-field stability analysis and pretransitional effects.
Phys.Review E 75, 2007, 051505(1-29)
10 Ciach. A.
Phase transitions in confined lamellar phases.
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences Technical Sciences Vol.55, 2007, No. 2 179-186
11 Makulska S., Chudy E., Urbaniak K., Wieczorek S.A, Żywociński A., Hołyst R.
Influence of Poly(ethylene glycol) Molecular Mass on Separation and Ordering in Solutions of CiFj No jnionic Surfactants: DepIetion Interactions and Steric Effects.
J.Phys.Chem. B 111, 2007, 7948-7953
12 Abraham D.B., Essler F.H.L., Maciołek A.
Effective Forces Induced by a Fluctuating Interface: Exact Results.
Phys. Review Letters 98, 2007, 170602(1-4)
13 Burdzy K., Hołyst R., Pruski Ł.
Brownian motion with inert drift, but withoutflux: A model
Physica A 384, 2007, 278-284
14 Kalwarczyk T., Ziębacz N. Wieczorek S.A., Hołyst R.
Kinetics and Dynamics of Dissolution/Mixing of a High-Viscosity Liquid Phase in a Low-Viscosity Solvent Phase.
J.Phys.Chem.B 111, 2007, 11907-11914
15 Żywociński A.,Korda A., Gosk J., Wieczorek S.A., Wilk A., Hołyst R.
Kinetic Trapping of Large Amount of Long Polymers in Nanopores.
J. Am.Chem.Soc. 129, 2007, 13398-13399(S1-S5)
16 Li W., Nie Z., Zhang H., Paquet Ch., Seo M., Garstecki P.,Kumachewa M.
Screening of the Effect of Surface Energy of Microchannels on Microfluidic Emulsification
Langmuir 23, 2007, 8010-8014
17 Maciołek A., Gambassi A., Dietrich S.
Critical Casimir effect in superfluid wetting films.
Phys.Review E 76 2007, 031124(17)
18 Harnau L.,Kondrat S., Poniewierski A.
Effective free-energy method for nematic liquid crystals in contact with structured substrates.
Phys.Review E 76, 2007, 0501701(9)
19 Hashimoto M. ,Garstecki P., Whitesides G.M.
Synthesis of Composite Emulsions and Complex Foams with the use of Microfluidic Flow-Focusing Devices.
Small 3, 2007, No.10 1792-1802
20 Vasilyev O., Gambassi A., Maciołek A., Dietrich S.
Monte Carlo simulation results for critical Casimir forces.
Europhysics Letters 80, 2007, 60009-p1-p6.
21 Poniewierski A., Sluckin T.J.
Theory of the nematic-isotropic transition in a restricted geometry.
Liquid Crystals 33, 2006, 1260-1280