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Something strange

SONDA: a cult TV program 1977-1989

The best pop-science TV show ever ever

(...This is why I became a physicist.)

Belarus: our forgotten neighbor

My internet project "Discover Belarus!" is a subjective diary of discovering Belarussian culture, history and present.

Hic sunt leones... Our eastern neighbor, Belarus, is an unknown land to most Poles. Many of us consider that country as just an uninteresting area at the right margin of the map.

Only few realize that from historical, cultural, and linguistic point of view Belarus is probably the closest nation to us. We shared several hundreds of years of common history, living next to one another in the the Republic of the Two Nations.

Being a Young Physicist: the pseudo-science collection

The pseudo-science collection is a common project by myself and a group of my physicist friends. We collect the most interesting pseudo-science ideas and personalities found in the Internet.