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Soft Condensed Matter Group research concerns non-equilibrium statistical molecules and thermodynamics, biological logistics, structures of complex fluids, biochemical pathways in bacteria, and dynamical systems without equilibrium states
. In particular we study:
-evaporation and condensation processes,
-diffusion in a nanoscale using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy,
-chemical reactions in polymer solutions,
-relaxation processes in polymer or surfactant solutions,
-carbon nanotubes in solutions,
-charged micelles,
-phase separation processes in polymers, surfactants and liquid crystals,
-langmuir films of liquid crystals and nanoparticels.
Our goal is to establish a bunch of physical and chemical tachniques for the study of biological or physical bioinspired processes both in vitro and in vivo, and also theoretical tools for the study of system far from equilibrium.