Papers 2006


1 Ciach A.,  Góźdź  W.T.,  Stell G.
Mesoscopic theory for size-and charge-asymmetric ionic systems:  I. The case of extreme asymmetry.
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter  18 (2006)  1629-1648
2 Terzyk A.P.,  Rychlicki G.,  Ćwiertnia M.S.,  Gauden P.A., Kowalczyk P.
Effect of the Carbon Surface Layer Chemistry on Benzene Adsorption  From the Vapor Phase and from Dilute Aqueous Solutions.
Langmuir  21  (2005)  12257-12267
3 Kowalczyk P., Hołyst R., Terzyk A.P., GaudenA.P.
State of Hydrogen in Idealized Carbon Slitlike Nanopores at 77 K.
Langmuir  22  (2006)  1970-1972
4 Kowalczyk P., Sprynskyy M., Terzyk A.P., Lebedynets M., Namieśnik J., Buszewski B.
Porous structure of natural and modified clinoptilolites.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science   297  (2006)  77-85
5 Maciołek A., Dietrich  S.
Critical Casimir effect in  3He-4He films.
Europhysics Letters  74 (1)   (2006)   22-28
6 Gauden P.A., Terzyk A.P.,  Rychlicki G.,  Kowalczyk P., Lota K., Raymundo -Pinero E., Frackowiak  E., Béguin F.
Thermodynamic properties of benzene adsorbed in activated  carbons and multi-walled carbon nanotubes.
Chemical Physics Letters  421  (2006)  409-414
7 Szymański J,  Patkowski A.,  Gapiński J.,   Wilk A.,  Hołyst R.
Movement of Proteins in an Environment Crowded by Surfactant Micelles: Anomalous versus Normal Diffusion.
J.Phys.Chem. B   110  (2006)  7367-7373
8 Demyanchuk I.,  Wieczorek S.A.,  Hołyst R.
Phase  Separation in Binary Polymer/Liquid Crystal Mixtures: network Breaking and  Domain Growth by Coalescence-induced coalescence.
J.Phys.Chem. B  110  (2006)   9869-9875
9 Drzewiński A.,  Maciołek A.,  Szota K.
On the surface critical behaviour in Ising strips: density-matrix renormalization-group study.
J.Phys.: Condens. Matter  18  (2006)  5069-5078
10 Ciach A.
Universality class of the critical point in the restricted primitive model of ionic systems.
Phys.Review E  73  (2006)  066110-19
11 Garstecki P., Whitesides G.M.
Tessellation of a stripe.
Phys.Rev. E  73  (2006)  031603-10
12 Ganan-Calvo A.M., Herrada M.A., Garstecki P.
Bubbling in Unbounded Coflowing Liquids.
Phys. Rev. Letters   96   (2006)   124504-4
13 Garstecki P.,  Fuerstman M.J.,  Fischbach M.A. Sia S.K. Whitesides G.M.
Mixing with bubbles:  a practical technology for use with portable microfluidic devices.
Lab Chip   6    (2006)   207-212
14 Garstecki P.,  Fuerstman M.J.,  Stone H.A.,Whitesides G.M.
Formation of droplets and bubbles in a microfluidic T-junction-scaling and  mechanism of break-up.
Lab Chip  6   (2006)   437-446
15 Abraham D.B.,  Maciołek A.
Surface critical behavior in Ising magnets: Exact results.
Phys.Rev. E  73   (2006)   066129-5
16 Furmaniak  S.,  Terzyk A.P.,  Szymański G.S.,  Gauden P.A., Motak M.,  Kowalczyk P., Rychlicki G.
Thermodynamics of the CMMS Approach and Carbon Surface Chemistry in SO2 Adsorption.
Langmuir   22  (2006)  6887-6892
17 Kowalczyk P.,  MacElroy J.D.M.
Equilibrium Properties of Dense Hydrogen Isotope Gases Based on the Theory of Simple Fluids.
J.Phys.Chem. B  110  (2006)  14971-14975
18 Ciach A., Patsahan O.
Field-theoretic description of ionic crystallization in the restricted primitive  model.
Phys. Rev. E  74  (2006)   021508-1-13
19 Stecki J.
Extended  capillary waves and the negative rigidity coefficient in a two-dimensional solid-on-solid model.
Physical Review B  74  (2006)  033409-1-4
20 Kowalczyk P.,  Solarz L.,  Do.D.D.,  Samborski A.,  MacElroy J.M.D.
Nanoscale Tubular Vessels for Storage of Methane at Ambient Temperatures.
Langmuir   22 (2006)  9035-9040
21 Garstecki P.,  Whitesides  G.M.
Flowing Crystals: Nonequilibrium Structure of Foam.
Phys. Rev. Letters   97  (2006)   024503-1-4
22 Jousse F.,  Farr R.,  Link D.R.,  Fuerstman M.J.,  Garstecki P.
Bifurcation of droplet flows within capillaries.
Phys. Rev. E  74  (2006)  036311-1-6
23 Hashimoto M.,  Mayers B.,  Garstecki P.,  Whitesides G.M.
Flowing Lattices of Bubbles as Tunable, Self-Assembled Diffraction Gratings.
Small  2  (2006)  1292-1298
24 Stecki J.
Size depemdence, stability, and the transition to buckling in model reverse bilayers.
J.Chem.Phys.  125,  (2006)  154902-1-9
25 Garstecki P.
Microfluidic Crystals Impossible order.
Nature Physics  Vol. 2,  (2006)  733-734
26 Góźdź W.T.
The interface width of Separated Two-Component Lipid Membranes
 J.Phys.Chem.B. 110  (2006)  21981-21986
27 Kowalczyk P., Bhatia S.K.
Optimization of Slitlike Carbon Nanopores for Storage of hythane Fuel at Ambient Temperatures
J.Phys.Chem.B.  110, (2006),  23770-23776
28 Gauden P. A., Terzyk A.P., Ćwiertnia M.S., Rychlicki, G., Newcombe G., Kowalczyk P.
Benzene adsorption on carbonaceous materials: The influence of pore structure on the state of the adsorbate  
Applied Surface Scienice  253, (2006)  2525-2539
29 Szymański J., Patkowski A Wilk A., Garstecki P., Hołyst R.    
Diffusion  and Viscosity in a Crowded Environment: from Nano- to Macroscale
J.Physical Chemistry B  Letters   110, (2006),  25593-25597